Server Rules

This is not a guide to getting away with misbehavior. The staff reserve the right to enforce the spirit of these rules rather than the actual text and to create new rules at any moment. So take this page as nothing but a guide to "what the server staff think everyone should be doing."


Be polite and respectful.
Constructive criticism: I think you should use dark oak for the floors and add some flowers.

Unconstructive criticism: Your house could look better. (this says nothing helpful)

Mean criticism: Your house is ugly. (this attacks the house)

Personal attack: You suck at building houses. (this attacks the person)
If you don't have anything positive to say, try to provide constructive criticism and stay away from personal attacks. Even when you think someone has done something wrong, you don't have to assume that they're a terrible person and insult them. You can talk to them about what they've done and explain why you think it is wrong. It's always better to say "you should return that because it doesn't belong to you" rather than say "you're a thief and no one likes you."

If an argument breaks out between two players, we're going to side with whomever is using constructive criticism rather than personal attacks.

Do not harass anyone. "Harassment" is doing anything that prevents other players from ignoring the fact that you exist, such as following them around or talking to them. Ideally, two players who don't like each other should be able to each do their own thing and forget about the other. If someone doesn't like you and wishes to forget about you, and you're doing anything to prevent them from ignoring you, then you are harassing them. There are some exceptions, for example you're allowed to be on the server and you're allowed to engage in innocent chat, but if someone is trying to get along with you and you're preventing it from happening, then expect a punishment.

PvP - Player vs. Player

Our server is a cooperative play server. You are expected to play well with others.

We do have a /pvp command, but PvP mode is only for cooperative PvP. Even if someone has PvP mode enabled, players may kill each other only when mutual agreements exist. The keeping of items after someone's death also requires mutual agreement.

Killing a player who has PvP disabled is always against the rules.


No lavacasts. They're ugly and no one wants a server full of them.

Don't build near other players without their permission. The map is large, so building next to someone without their permission will be viewed as harassment. Exactly how close is "near" will depend on various factors, for example, anyone building near a portal should expect to have others want to build near the portal too, but someone who specifically goes out of their way to build where no one else should want to build has a greater "claim" to their surrounding area.

Stealing & Destroying

While we have claims (type /kit claim and see the help page), you are still not allowed to steal or destroy unclaimed items.

You are required to use claims and other means to protect your stuff. If someone steals or damages your stuff, while we will probably punish them, we may not bother to return or restore anything that you lost. The server staff do not have infinite time and so, when you can protect yourself but fail to do so, we're not going to be particularly sympathetic to your loss. Help us out by protecting yourself.


You may not use any non-vanilla means to identify where anything is underground.

Anywhere in the rules where "x-ray" is mentioned, it refers to any means whatsoever which allows you to know where anything is underground, not just means with "x-ray" in their name. If you know where ores are because your friend is using a schematic mod where he's created a schematic of the underground but shifted it by one block so that the schematic mod tells him where all of the diamond ores are incorrectly placed, and then he points you in the direction of the diamond ores, you'll still get punished for x-ray use, even though your friend wasn't using an x-ray mod and you weren't using any mod at all. We don't care how you're doing it. If you cheating, expect a punishment.

Mining "Randomly"

You may not mine randomly. When you decide to turn and when you decide to stop one tunnel and start another, and where you decide to start tunnels, must follow some kind of predictable pattern so that, when you find ores, it's obvious that you were following your predictable pattern and the ore just happened to be there. If there is no pattern because you were mining "randomly" then we're going to assume that your decisions were based on knowing where the ores are. You must make it obvious that your decisions are based on following some pattern like "I always start a new branch mine every 7 blocks and continue it until my inventory is full, unless I run into a bunch of lava in which case I end it sooner."

This is like how, when you're playing a card game, you keep your cards on the table where everyone can see them. Sure, you could keep putting them in your pockets and not be cheating, but to expect anyone to take your word on that is ridiculous. You can just keep your cards on the table. In the same way, expecting anyone to believe that your "random" mining is truly random and not based on you being able to see where the ores are is ridiculous. Just decide what mining pattern you think is most effective and stick to it.


There are too many mods for us to evaluate which mods are or are not allowed. In addition, mods can get new features at any time, so we can't really even say which mods are allowed without a chance of giving an OK for something that isn't allowed. So you'll have to use the following guidelines to determine if the mods you want to use will get you banned.

You may not use a mod to allow you to do anything significant that other players cannot do. Examples of this are mods that help you find ores, mods that allow you to see anything underground, mods that mine or build automatically, mods that allow you to fly or teleport or move quickly.

You may use a mod which displays a surface map (not underground), a "schematic" mod which shows where blocks need to be placed in order to build something, and mods that allow saving a part of the map for offline play.

Overall, the important thing to note is how much of an advantage you'll gain vs. other players. Being able to find diamonds easily gives you a great advantage vs. other players. Being able to save a copy of the map so that you can load it in creative mode so that you can design an especially cool house to build and then using a schematic mod to aid in building it doesn't do much to let you get ahead in the game because how cool your house is doesn't affect how you advance in the game.

If you're not sure, explain in the #minecraft channel in the discord server what mod you want to use and what you want to do with it. Ultimately we expect you to make a good-faith effort to determine if you're cheating or not.

Finally, just because a mod comes with some cheating functionality, if you're able to restrain yourself and not use that functionality, you can still use the mod for non-cheating purposes. Similarly, just because a mod may not be designed for cheating doesn't mean that you'll be allowed to use it to cheat.