Server Commands

If you aren't already familiar with commands in Minecraft, these are things that you can type into chat to make the server do something for you. Each command begins with a forward slash / followed by a command word and perhaps some arguments. Anything shown in square brackets [...] below should be replaced with something else. For example, if below you see /tpa [player] then [player] should be replaced with the name of the player you want to teleport to, and so you might type /tpa CaptainKirk55 into chat if you want to teleport to CaptainKirk55. Of course, there is no /tpa anymore, so maybe that's a bad example.


There is a Discord for the server, which has a place for general chat and also gives access to the in-game Minecraft chat. The invite link is

Some of the commands below are available only if you link your Minecraft account to your Discord account. To do this, type /discord link into chat on the Minecraft server and you will be given a four digit code to send in a DM to kirkbot#2687 in Discord. You can also type /discord unlink to unlink your account, and /discord linked to see which Discord account you linked to your Minecraft account.

Land Claims

Land claims allow you to protect your area from other players.
/kit claim - Gives you a golden shovel and a stick.
To create a claim, select the golden shovel, wait for the server to display a message, and then click on two diagonally opposite corners of a rectangle that surrounds the area you want to protect. If you remove the shovel from your hand before selecting both corners, it will not work.

To resize a claim, stand within it, select the golden shovel, wait for the server to display a message, and then click on one of the corners of the claim, and then click where you want to move that corner to. Again, if you remove the shovel from your hand between the two clicks, it will not work.

To remove a claim, stand inside it and type /abandonclaim. Be careful not to use tab completion and accidentally type /abandonallclaims instead, as that will remove all of your claims everyhwere.

To see who has claimed a block, hold a stick in your hand and click on the block. This will tell you who owns the block and outline their claim with some gold blocks and glowstone. To see all nearby claims, hold shift while clicking while holding a stick.

Claims have four permission levels:
Manage - Allows players to give and revoke permissions.
Build - Allows players to place and remove blocks.
Container - Allows players to open chests and remove items, and use blocks like anvils or mobs like villagers.
Access - Allows players to open doors, use levers and buttons, use beds, and use the '/sethome' command.
Each permission grants all of the permissions lower in the list as well. All players always have access to crafting tables and ender chests as using these items causes no grief to the owner of the claim.

The following commands manage permissions:
/trustlist - Lists which players have each permission inside of your claim.
/permissiontrust [player] or /pt [player] - Gives a player 'manage' permission.
/trust [player] or /t [player] - Gives a player 'build' permission.
/cointainertrust [player] or '/ct [player` - Gives a player 'container' permission.
/accesstrust [player] or /at [player] - Gives a player 'access' permission.
/untrust [player] or /ut [player] - Revokes all of a player's permissions in your claim.
/untrust all or /ut all - Revoke everyone's permission in your claim.
In addition to player names, you can use public to give a permission to everyone.

Claims can be subdivided to give some players extra permissions inside a part of your claim. You do this by first selecting a golden shovel, then using the /subdivideclaim to enter subdivision mode. Again, you must wait for the server to display a message and then be careful not to remove the golden shovel from your hand, otherwise the mode resets.
/subdivideclaim or /sc - Changes your shovel to subdivision mode. (again, be careful not to remove it from your hand)
/basicclaims or /bc - Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.
/restrictsubclaim or /rsc - Restricts a subclaim so that it inherits no permissions from the parent claim.
Subclaims are managed with the same commands as ordinary claims. This unfortunately includes using /abandonclaim to remove the subclaim, so you must be careful that you are standing inside of a subclaim when using it, otherwise the command will remove your top-level claim.

Miscellaneous claim commands:
/abandonclaim - Deletes the claim you’re standing inside.
/abandonallclaims - Deletes all of your claims everywhere.
/claimslist - Displays a list of your claims and their locations in the world.
/claimexplosions - Toggles whether explosions will destroy blocks in your claim. There is no similar command for fire.

Chat and Mail

Whispers or private messages can be sent to online players:
/w [player] [text] - Sends a whisper (private message) to another player.
/r [text] - Sends a whisper to the last person who sent a whisper to you.
/msg is an alias for /w
Mail can be sent to players who are offline:
/mail read - Reads any mail you have received.
/mail clear - Deletes your mail.
/mail send [player] [text] - Sends mail to another player.
If you have mail, the server will periodically tell you, so there is no need to check manually.


/pvp on or /pvp off -- Enable or disable PvP.

/ad on or /ad off - Enable or disable server broadcast messages.

You can customize your name as it appears in chat:
/nick [fake name] - Changes your name as other players see it in chat.
(You must link your discord account to use this command.)
When using the /nick command, you can add color codes. Here are two examples:
/nick &#55FFAAGreen makes your name Green
/nick &#55AAFFBlue makes your name Blue
To change your name, you must link your discord account, but everyone can change the color.

Many web sites such as this one can help you to find the code for the exact color that you want.


/list - Displays a list of all players who are online and their ranks.

/realname [fake name] - Displays the real name of a player who is using a fake name.

/co i - Toggles a mode which allows you to see who placed or removed a block.

/pt [player] - Displays how much time a player has been on the server.

/toppt - Displays a scoreboard of who has been on the server for the longest time.


/afk - Sets your status to AFK. This counts half as much as sleeping in a bed.

/heads - Opens a menu that allows you to choose player heads that you can use as decorative items. (requires that your discord account be linked to your Minecraft account)

/wake - When players disconnect from the server, a dead body is left where they were when they logged out. If this dead body is in your way, this command will allow you to remove it.