Tadog Daily Piper - No. 3

by Tadog Daily Piper

Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 15:00:00 PDT

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Patient Dies During Injection of Kirk & Kirk Vaccine

Today, we bring you a sad story of truth and misinformation. Earlier today, Bigpapa777777777 had died during his injection of the Kirk & Kirk Vaccine. Seen in this image to the left are the remains of Bigpapa777777777

Captiankirk55 said in a statement “It was not the vaccine that killed him, but the syringe.” While this may be true, the creditability of the Kirk & Kirk corporation has declined in recent hours due to the exposure of illegal company practices. It has been theorized that the death message displayed was a cover up, as the Kirk & Kirk corporation has not tested the vaccine, and possibly had already laid out a cover-up plan in case the vaccine killed. When reporters came down to recover the body, it had been moved by Captiankirk55. The family of Bigpapa777777777 is suing the Kirk & Kirk corporation for their wool farm. There are currently no whereabouts of the body, and the body is officially missing.


March 26, 2022

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