Tadog Daily Piper - No. 1

by Tadog Daily Piper

Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 13:00:00 PDT

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Kirk & Kirk Vaccine More Dangerous Than You Think

Earlier today, the first patient to receive the Kirk & Kirk Vaccine, Kevin432, has turned green with no seeming cure. “I feel sike” and “Im throwing up” says Kevin432 after taking the Kirk & Kirk vaccine.

Reports and Investigation into the Kirk & Kirk has led the conclusion of negligence by Kirk & Kirk CEO, Captainkirk55. In an initial statement, Captiankirk55 was quoted by saying “i'm sure this won't be a common reaction to my vaccine”, but troubling reporters was his comment only seconds later in regards to Kevin432 turning green, “that's a common side effect”.

These two statements seem to suggest that Captiankirk55 has not tested his vaccine before releasing it to the public. While it is uncertain if this practice is illegal, this investigation proves that the Kirk & Kirk vaccine can potentially harm users, and Kirk & Kirk may be liable for thousands of IOUs in lawsuits, as well as claiming some lives.


September 9, 2022

WindowThe11 wrote...

Kirk is kinda evil ngl

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