Tadog Daily Poper - No. 13

by Tadog Daily Piper

Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 19:16:15 PDT

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Dusk Suspected as a Member of the Communist Party

In a special report brought to the Piper by our very own Ben Dover. Dusk, known on Minecraft formally as D_usk, is a beloved member of the Kirk55 community even contributing to the server as a helper, and has solved many crimes in his time of service. In recent weeks, however, Dusk has been seen, and reported of exhibiting behaviors and comments made by a typical communist.

For most of Dusk’s existence on the server, Dusk has not exhibited communist behavior. Dusk has indulged in many capitalist investments and adventures, including selling items, and even opening a casino in the Downtown. While Dusk did not appear communist, it appeared that he did not have a proper grasp of a capitalist system. On June 20, 2023, saying “I am not a communist, I believe in an absolute monarchy, that monarchy being me.”

On July 5, 2023, opinions began to change. A player named Kurt_Agricola, was back in trouble with the law, with Dusk as the responding admin. According to official reports made by the Kirk55 staff, Kurt_Agricola was attempting to construct WWII paraphernalia, in response to a USSR flag built in a small adjacent town. Dusk was tasked with removing the flag, which was difficult as the location was unknown. After only a few minutes, Dusk was quoted as saying, “@tadog, I did it btw,” and “its done kelsifur,” referring that the flag was removed. However, no other staff had seen the flag, and did not know where it was, so it was never checked up on.

“On the evening of July 5th, a man named Dusk came to my hostel and requested a room for the night.” Said Mike Rotchburns, a local hotel owner explained. “He came in last minute, close to midnight, and he had no bags, as if he didn’t plan to stay here overnight.” It is believed that while Dusk was taking down the USSR flag, he was met with the local communist party who had put up the flag, and was convinced to join the party after a multi-day discussion.

Since that day, Dusk began to change his demeanor. According to some members of the server, Dusk had referred to them as “Comrade,” and frequently talked about how the lost and found was just another way for people to take from the poor. However, the true confirmations of his allegiance to the party came up in only the last few days.

In a recent publication of the Tadog Daily Piper, Dusk criticized the issue, as it talked about the expansion of the Tadog Shops. “Down with the tadog corporation!!!!” Dusk said in a private server regarding to the post. Similar comments were made in the Kirk55 server. “Down with the tadog corporation!!!,” and, “we need a biased newspaper from the east.” In modern culture, the “east” has always referred to communist culture, as the term “Western world” referred to the capitalists. It is believed that when Dusk was referring to the east, he was talking about the communist world. From that protesting message, it was clear that Dusk intended to make his own newspaper on behalf of the communist party. Not even one day later, a biased newspaper was released by Dusk, with the headline, “Tadog Corporation Attempts to Gain Land.”

“These are definitely the words of a communist,” explains Buck Nekkid, a professor of Language Studies and public speaking at Ur Mom University. “Communists tend to dislike private land ownership, especially by large companies.” Communist motives also appear to be present within the news article. The article talks about how the Tadog Mercantile has been torn apart by the server economy. The article also says, “…comes in the wake of the decline in shops, which dealt a significant blow to consumers. As it began with the UnderSide Shop, and slowly moved toward the Baked Potato.” This line of the article appears to criticize the capitalist economy, and accuses large shops such as the UnderSide and Baked Potato of taking advantage of customers through a capitalist monopoly. Dusk appears to further criticize the capitalist government, by drawing a conclusion of an item scarcity and price increases due to the lack of small shops with diverse items. As normal players, we know this is not true, however to a brainwashed communist, that logic makes perfect sense.

In another Tadog Daily Piper post, Dusk criticised the post, and the use of a newspaper outlet to advertise for a hotel. Dusk commented on the article, saying, “You deforested.. To put up a house? Average capitalist.” The frequent usage of the word capitalists, proves that Dusk is connotating Tadog21 as a corporate pig, and not a communist.

Sadly, it appears Dusk has been spreading the word of communism. Captainkirk55, the owner of the Kirk55 server, appears to have been persuaded to dislike the Tadog Corporation. In a new tabloid called, “Kirk’s Gossip” Kirk referes to Tadog as greedy and evil, “Tadog is known for his greed and hostility.” Kirk then appears to draw Tadog21 as he sees him, with a salute symbol that appears to make Tadog look evil.

Tadog Daily Piper interviewer and reporter, Maya Achinbals, requested an interview with Dusk, but no response was heard back. The team decided to travel to Dusk’s home, where they were immediatley met with hostile gaurds, and the team was violtentley removed from the property. Upon entering the property, a communist flag was seen flying above Dusk’s base. Before being removed, cameraman Mike Hauk was able to take a photo before being removed. When the team had driven by the property again, the communist flag was nowhere to be seen.


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