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Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 17:09:08 PDT

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The Server’s First Tropical Island Resort Grand Opening After Legal Delays

After nearly two years of work, design issues, legal issues, and environmental concerns, the Tadog Hospitality Company is proud to announce the grand opening of the Spawn Lake Island Resort. Located at around (120, - 40), this is the only naturally occurring island in Spawn Lake, and the whole Downtown area. It is an exclusive resort, with no land bridge connecting the island to the rest of the server. There is an underground tunnel however, and multiple railway tunnels.

Built by the Tadog Construction Company, this resort includes all of the modern and luxurious aspects of the highest standard. The resort includes multiple one-bedroom suites, a perfect location for any honeymoon getaway. If you’re on a family vacation, the resort also hosts a number of multi-bedroom units, perfect for the kids or any family gathering. With each suite having its own balcony and full-sized kitchen, you choose how to vacation! For guests who do not want to cook, the resort includes a rooftop restaurant and bar. For more luxurious amenities, the resort includes a few penthouse suites, for a large party, or your most expensive vacation! The resort also includes a massage clinic, a pool, and exclusive beach access!

(Before you go saying I’m a cheater, yes this was all built in survival)

History of the Island

Before the settlement of the Downtown area, the island was not a very sought-after area. At the time, the Downtown area was the spawn, so all new players would spawn at the Aquaspawn, then build their base and farm on the shores of Spawn Lake. Due to the small size of this island, it was not seen as a viable space to build a new home, and it laied abandoned for most of the early server. However, once the Downtown had been more developed and settled, the server economy began to make its start. With the construction of the Octamall, the Downtown had quickly changed from a settlement town to a commercialized area. It was at this point that the island was claimed by Rosethecat6. Building in Spawn Lake had been outlawed by Octapoo, however this island was the one place that construction was allowed to take place in the water. Rosethecat6 had constructed a somewhat successful shop, until the Octamall and Tadog Mercantile took all the customers.

After about a year of the shop, the Island was purchased by the Tadog Corporation. The Tadog Hospitality Company was created, and plans for a resort were sent to the Aquaspawn permitting office. The picture shown here shows the original state of the island at Spawn Lake. This picture was taken in June 2020.

Construction & Delays

After the purchase of the island, construction began the next day. A landscaping and demolition crew came in to remove the old structure foundations, and to relandscape the land for construction, and to create more beach space. Geotechnical Engineers were brought in to test the soils, and the land was prepared accordingly. Quickly after the land was prepared, a foundation was made and construction began. After only a couple months, the first three floors were constructed and fully furnished. The beach areas were terraformed, and the ground was prepared for plants. However, after the standard suites were completed, a devastating design error was discovered for the penthouse designs. The origional designs called for a superstructure that was too large than already constructed. This was devastating blow to the project, with no solutions were in sight. During the progress, it was discovered that the Geotechnical Engineering report was not accurate, and fears of the building sinking were met with lawsuits and cease and desist orders by the Aquaspawn Department of Public Safety.

However, after nearly a year, the island soils were reinforced, and a push for a new design was underway. The decision was made to convert 3 penthouse suites to 2 penthouse suites, in order to resolve the design error. After the suites were all completed and furnished, the rooftop restaurant was completed, as well as the pool and resort landscape, the resort was ready to be opened. However, a lawsuit was brought up by the Aquaspawn Department of Public Safety. The lawsuit stated that the resort did not provide proper transportation to and from the resort, and the building was not up to code. However, the public entity was no match for the Tadog Corporation, and the lawsuit was dismissed following the construction of more railways, a boat dock, and updated the building to meet code. After all of these issues, delays, and construction periods, the Spawn Lake Island Resort was finally ready to open.

How to Travel to the Resort

The resort offers many ways to travel to the island. One of the main aspects that makes the resort special, is there is no land bridge connecting the island to the rest of the world. Even though it was challenged in court, this aspect is one of the key features of creating an exclusive space. Even though the preferred method of travel is by boat, accommodations were made to allows more access of travel.

For boating, boats are not allowed within 75 blocks of the shoreline, except when docking to the boat dock, located at the front of the building. For those who prefer other travel methods, located next to the front office is the Rail & Tunnel Hub. For all locations that come into the resort via underground tunnels, they all meet up here.

For those who prefer travel by rail, there are 2 ports of entry and exit. One rail goes to the Octamall, while the other travels to the underground station located beneath the East Bridge. From there, you can travel up the elevator to link with the East Bridge, or you can link up with 2 rail ports. One railway goes to the West Downtown Rail Station, while the other goes to the East Downtown Rail Station. For those who are not able to travel by rail, located in the Rail & Tunnel Hub, is an elevator to an underground walkway tunnel that leads to the elevator that goes up to the East Bridge.

Spawn Lake Island Resort Suites

Whether you’re travelling with friends, family, a honeymoon, or a fancy party, the resort has it all! Located on the first three floors, are the standard suites. Each floor consists of 4 suites, half being single room, while the other half being multiroom.

For those travelling alone, or with a significant other, there are single room suites. Located on the ends of the building, these suites have 3 exterior walls, each with windows for an enjoyment of the scenery. Located in the single room suites is a kitchen, TV & couch, full bathroom, and a bedroom with a TV and king sized bed. Also included in the suite, is a personal balcony coming from the bedroom. The balcony faces into the interior courtyard of the building, with a beautiful view of the pool and beach, as well as the Downtown area.

While the resort has full room service available to all rooms, and amenities of a romantic getaway, the resort also provides amenities for those travelling with kids or family. Located in the interiors of the building, these rooms do not have as many views as the single room suites, the luxury and experience of the family rooms is no shortfall. The multi-room suites include a kitchen, TV & couch, a guest bedroom with 2 queen sized beds, a guest bathroom located next to the guest bedroom, and a master bedroom that includes its own TV, a walk-in closet and a master bathroom. Although bigger than the ones located in the single room suites, these suites also include a personal balcony, coming out of the main living area. These balconies are also located in the courtyard, so the best possible viewing of the pool and scenery of the Downtown area.

For those who are looking for the most luxurious experience, or travel with a large group, the Spawn Lake Island Resort hosts 2 penthouse suites. With almost triple the amount of space as a typical suite, and larger than a standard home, these two story suites do not fail to meet the very rich that travel here. On the first floor in the penthouse suites, is a full kitchen, with available chefs to cook in it if requested. They also include a large living room with a theater TV and lots of floorspace. Also included is a guest bathroom, and a bedroom with a TV, king sized bed, and a private balcony with a lounge chair and viewing north of the building. Near the kitchen, is a small staircase leading to the second level. Located on the second level you will find a small living area with a couch and TV, a bedroom with a TV and King size bed, and a large master bedroom with a king sized bed, TV, master bathroom, and a private balcony with lounge chairs looking north. Also located in the penthouse suite, is a large private balcony looking south with views of the pool, lounge chairs, an outdoor cooking area, and a private hot tub. While these rooms are the most expensive, they provide some of the best luxury the Downtown has to offer.


Located on the 4th floor, between the 2 penthouse suites, is the Spawn Lake Island Resort Restaurant & Bar. With more than 20 tables, it is considered the largest restaurant in the Downtown area. While during the day the restaurant is open to the public, past 8pm the restaurant is closed from the public, and is available to resort guests only. The entrance is not impressive, as it just holds the kitchen and bathrooms, but travel up the stairs to the first seating area, there are indoor tables, as well as tables located on balconies on both sides of the building. Travelling up the stairs again, you will find the rooftop seating. For rainy days, some tables are located under a roof, but for sunny days there are tables on the roof, with views of nearly the entire downtown area. At one end of the roof, is the rooftop bar. Say good luck to the waiters, as they have to carry food up three floors if you're sitting on one of the many rooftop tables.

Pool & Beach & Amenities

While much of the luxury and service can be found in the suites and restaurant, there are plenty of amenities for public resort use. Located in the courtyard, is a heated pool where daily aerobics classes are hosted, as well as fun swimming for kids and family. Also located next to the pool is the resort’s hot tub, available for all use. Also located on the resort property, you will find private and exclusive beach access around almost the whole island, only available to resort members, with many lounge chairs. The only restricted access is the beach on the west side, where you will find a private massage hut, where reception can help you schedule a massage getaway! Each floor is accessible via a staircase near the entrance, and an elevator of twisting vines. Each floor has its own balcony, where each room is accessible from, and small viewing areas

Currently, the Spawn Lake Island Resort is not available for reservations, however the restaurant is open to the public, and the rooms are available for the public to come see, like an open house style. The Tadog Hospitality Company plans to begin reservations soon, so be sure to check it out while everyone has accesstrust. Please remember to close all doors when touring the facility!

Before and After Photo!

Before: Taken June 2020

After: Taken October 2023


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