Protect your Builds from being Deleted in the Future

by Octapoo

Monday, June 19, 2023 at 12:39:11 PDT

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In the future, we will delete unused terrain from the server and regenerate it, so that we can have modern Minecraft 1.20 terrain, instead of having old Minecraft 1.17 terrain forever.

To protect your builds you must do one of the following:

• Claim the land that you've built upon. All claimed land will be preserved.

• Use the request helper to create a line of text that you can then post in #preservation-requests in the Discord server.

Continue reading to learn about the preview server, preservation maps, and how to use them to verify that your builds will be preserved.

Preview Server

You can use the preview server to verify that your claims and requests will be preserved, and to see an example of how they will blend with surrounding terrain. However, note that the preview server's seed is random, and so the new terrain you'll see is not necessarily what will appear around your builds on the real server. If the terrain surrounding your builds is important to you, you should submit a preservation request to preserve it.

To connect to the preview server, add a new server to Minecraft and use as the server address. Note that the preview server is randomly offline because Octapoo uses it for testing and it takes 15 minutes to an hour to rebuild it. So if you can't connect, wait an hour or try again tomorrow.

Preservation Maps

The following maps show what chunks will be preserved or deleted:

Overworld Map - Nether Map - End Map

  Green   chunks will be kept because someone told us to keep them.

  Yellow   chunks will be kept because they're claims or because something significant appears to be built in them.

  Red   chunks will be kept due to proximity to other chunks that will be kept.

  Black   chunks will be deleted.

If any of your claims are in yellow chunks, you should use the request helper to create a request that specifies a default radius. Note that when choosing a default radius, it will show you the radius around the spawn house at downtown, but the effect will be that the same radius is applied to all of your claims.

If any of your builds are not claimed and in yellow, red, or especially black chunks, you should use the request helper to create a request that explicitly preserves them, in case the algorithm changes in the future and it no longer thinks they're significant enough to preserve.

Don't forget to post the string of text that the request helper gives you to #preservation-requests in the Discord server.


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