New Addition to the Tadog Family of Shops!

by Tadog21

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 02:40:01 PST

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This article is to announce the grand opening of the Tadog Shopping District Center! This is a new hub for anything Tadog related, as well as the Shopping District. This is a public place to check out forgotten shops, check out displays, and find out more information about the Shopping district! This is also a place you can meet people at, or hangout too! Although, the Tadog Holiday House will be a more exciting place to do so.

Continue onto the rest of the article to find out more information, but also please read on about the shopkeepers inside, since they will not be used as normal shopkeepers

What are the shopkeepers inside?


As many of you do (or maybe don't) know, the Tadog Shopping District is located within the Downtown, and hosts many of the server's shops. The shopping district was created to help create a localized center for strictly shops. Since many of the shops on the server are spread out, and can only be found on the many paged teleporter list and can easily be lost mixed within the list of other shops.

To make sure the Shopping District stays this way, however, I do have only a few rules for those who create a shop within the Shopping District to help keep it functional while still looking nice. The main rule that I have is of useability. So far, the only reason shops are removed are due to inactivity. This rule is very fluid, meaning I judge each situation, since this rule is usually only enforced to make sure unused shops are removed in order to keep availability for new shops. Typically, I wait at least 3 months before removing a shop, sometimes its 6 months, it really just depends how many plots are needed. This usually correlates with how often the player is online, however I never remove shops that are still in use.

If it has been considerable amount of time, and shopkeepers have been unavailable/empty for too long, I tear down the shop. This includes removing the claim, taking down shopkeepers, and tearing down the building. All materials gathered will be given to the person who owned the shop. This action is only necessary due to inactivity, so if you have a shop taken down because you've been offline for 6 months, you are always welcome to come back and rebuild your shop (More complex buildings I handle differently).

Ok.. So how does all of this relate to the District Center?

As mentioned before, when shops are removed, it is only because of the shopkeepers being unavailable or empty for too long. However, many times, most shops that have this happened have 5-10 shopkeepers. And after a few months of the shop being empty, people forget its there, and don't realize there are still a few available trades. The Tadog Shopping District Center was created to prevent loss of those unavailable trades. The shopkeepers put up in the Center are technically owned by Tadog, however they directly relate to what trades were left from the original shop, as well as the available supplies. These shops will have a sign in front of each one, labeling who's shop you are buying from. The name of the shopkeeper will best reflect of what trades are available.

The trades on each shopkeeper only reflect what is available. Since these shops are only there to sell leftover supplies from the removed shop, that means they will not be restocked. Once a trade goes empty, I will remove the trade availability. Once all available trades are empty, then the entire shopkeeper is removed. I do not keep any of the proceeds, so it will then be promptly returned to the original shopkeeper owner.

What if I see my shop in there?

If you see your shop in there... well then obviously your shop was removed to to inactivity. However, this does not mean you are banned from the shopping district. If this is the case, let me know immediately and I will return everything to you.

This shopkeeper area is for inactive shops only, so I will not put peoples shopkeepers in there if they ask me too. If you want something like this for your shop, the Octamall is the best place to do it. There you have a plot to put in your shopkeepers, and its near many other people's shop, so you are not too far away from people. However, if you are only wanting to put down just one shopkeeper, I do have a place for that. DM me on discord or / mail ingame to ask me about it.

Other Stuff Inside

As well as having shopkeepers, I will also be moving the rules shack to the Center, as some of the rules posted on the signs are older and unorganized. In there as well, I plan to put up displays of cool things we have had on the server, such as the New Year's Cookies. I may also display other things such as custom funny/holiday related items for display as I see fit. It is very selective though, as having too many of these displayed reduces the overall quality, but I do my best to include everything. Since the quantities of all of this inside the Center may change, the Center might become taller, so hopefully the locations of everything will be the same, but don't count on it. The shopkeepers will definetly be on the bottom floor(s) though.


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