State of the Server End of May 2022

by CaptainKirk55

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 22:05:38 PDT

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In this post will be updates that have rolled out recently that I'd like to make a blog post about.

1.19 Info:

1.19 pre-releases are coming out. 1.19 will be out soon. The server will take a week or two (most likely) to update to 1.19. We will do our best to update it ASAP but the only things in our power are the custom plugins we have on the server. Other important plugins and the server software will take time. Your patience is appreciated. I'll keep everyone updated as I know a more clear roadmap, but it would be awesome if everyone could just read this so I don't get asked the same question about the update 20 times a day. I am excited to play it too.

Operation Desert Storm

The desert biomes around the server are trashed. Recently, the staff chat has been discussing how we should handle cleaning them up and keeping them clean. Introducing: Operation Desert Storm. Octapoo, with the help of many people has programmed something so the sand will gradually respawn. Cool 👍. Now you can dig sand in the deserts and go crazy and not have to worry about it being trashed. Also, since sand is not normally a renewable resource, now it is!

The sand generation is not vanilla. We are still experimenting a little bit, but we settled on making the respawned sand behave more 'real-worldly'. Meaning it'll generate in mounds and flatten itself out. It won't/shouldn't create any hard edges that you won't be able to scale. Think of it as sand from elsewhere being blown in, that's how it spawns. Hence the name Desert Storm. It is hard to explain so you should definitely just see it for yourself.


Sand will not respawn in claims

Sand will only respawn in deserts

Sand from a completely decimated area will take about 30 days to fully respawn itself

We discussed respawning red sand in the Mesa biomes too but that doesn't exist yet.

New Jail

We have a new jail. It's at spawn. If you've ever been in the old jail you'll know it's like a timeout, and you can just log out and let time pass and log back in and get back to playing. The new jail makes you stay active during your jail time and press color coded buttons when it tells you to. Then, when it is done you have to apologize for whatever it was that you did that ended you up in jail. If you log out your time pauses, and if you fail to press the right button your time does not go down.

Chats from people in jail will be muted, except you can still read them in the discord relay and if you're standing in the jail with the prisoner. This is so they can't be annoying to the server but you can still go in and harass them if you want.

If you want to try out the new jail type /jailme. Be warned, you'll be jailed for 3 minutes and you'll have to do what it says to be released.

New Anti-Xray

Holy crap, we had a lot of xrayers. It was so crazy and time consuming to have to go through and deal with all of them. Now we have a new anti-xray. While it doesn't make xraying impossible it does make it extremely difficult which means we get to spend less time investigating xray use. A win for everyone :)

This is how it looks to xray now. If somehow you manage to xray you'll probably just be banned. No more reparations. Cheating is for losers.

I think that's all. Of course, I upgraded the server to 48 gigs of RAM which opens the door for many opportunities. I already made an announcement about that though so. We are always making changes to the backend and how things function so this isn't every change made recently it's just the most significant and stable ones.

As always, thanks for playing :)


May 25, 2022

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