Tadog Shopping District

by Tadog21

Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 17:31:04 PDT

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The downtown area is one of the most desirable places on the server to not just build, but to have a shop. While teleporters can bring good publicity to a shop, a physical location for everyone to congregate to is just as important, which is what makes the Octamall popular. Besides the shops at the Octamall, the highest congregation of shops can be found in the Tadog Shopping District. Located just west of the Downtown Teleport and right behind Tadog Mercantile.

Below is a map of this region. While the sights may change overtime from this map, the boundaries themselves will remain very similar

Continue on to read more about how to get a plot at the Tadog Shopping District, why it was created, and more!

First off, what is the Tadog Shopping District?

The Tadog Shopping District is a place made just for shops, and bringing attention to your shop. The Tadog Shopping District is not owned by Tadog21, but is only managed by Tadog21. Within the District are shop plots, where players can build a shop of their own, with only a few contingencies to keep the areas nice looking and chaos free. Also at the District are some nice parks/hangout areas that helps break up the line of shops, and where people can explore. Also within the District are existing shops that have been there awhile. The goal is that the popularity of one of these shops will help new shops grow.

Where is the Shopping District and how do I get to it?

The Tadog Shopping District is located just west from the main Downtown water building. The area can be accessed using the Tadog Path and Rail system, as there is a rail station on the west end. The approximate coordinates are at -200,30. Another way to get there is via teleporters. While not all shops here have a teleporter, most do, so you can access the area by using a teleporter block to teleport to one of the shops in the district, or nearby.

How can I put my shop here, and what are the Contingencies?

I try my best to run the District asynchronous, so that way everything can be done without me online. To build a shop, its as simple as quite literally building a shop, and claiming it. The Tadog Shopping District is not all owned/claimed by Tadog21, but rather each shopowner owns the shop and land upon which its built on. There are a few rules and contingencies for building here. The purpose of these is to keep the area orderly, clean, and looking nice. Since when players are unchecked in this process, it can quickly become disorganized.

Rules for building/owning a shop here

1. Your shop must be somewhat constructed and claimed in the same day.

I don't allow you to reserve ahead of time a plot. You must have your shop at least partially built, and it must be claimed.

2. After 2-3 weeks of first building your shop, it must be fully complete and with operating shopkeepers.

This is to prevent halfway shops from filling up the area, as the District should only have active shops. If you wish to have only one shopkeeper, let me know since I have a place for singular shopkeepers.

3. You must claim the entire plot.

Each plot corner is marked by green concrete, what forms a rectangle. Claiming the entire plot helps to deter other players from causing problems in the unclaimed spots, as well as to help prevent creeper explosion damage

4. If after 2-3 months of inactivity, your shop may be taken down.

To help prevent the Shopping District to fill up with inactive shops, if you for some reason do not play on the server anymore, or do not maintain your shop, I will remove your shop. If your shopkeepers remain with avaliable trades, your shop may stay up longer. If your shop is removed, I will make sure any items/building materials ends up back in your possession. Of course, I will give warning when this time looms near.

Contingencies for owning/building a shop here

These are different from the rules, as they are up for interpretation to your best judgement

1. There must be at least a 2 block space between your shop building and all 4 edges.

If you have parts of your shop such as a flowerbed, tree, or roof overhang, I will allow it to be closer than 2 blocks. The reason for this rule is to prevent the District from turning into one giant continuous building if they are all touching or only 1 block apart. Use your best judgement here.

2. You may only build a shop within your plot

For your shop, you may only build a shop, or at least only have a shop visible. If you are really wanting to make your shop your permanent home, you must hide it or integrate it. Essentially, the only way someone should be able to tell that you live at your shop is through a window, or they have to enter every doorway at your shop.

I know that some shops need storage space, but do your best to hide it. Such as building it underground or in a backroom, but don't just place a bunch of chests randomly outside or inside your shop, make it look nice.

3. Decorate your shop and the area round it.

This is less of a requirement and more of an ask. You may use the 2 block buffer zone around your shop for whatever decoration you want. From grass and trees to waterways, it can be whatever you want, as long as it stays within your plot

Of course, only one plot per person, but if you want to collaborate with another shop such as make a skybridge, or combine your shops into one building, that is ok with me. If you are ever having doubts about something that might break the rules, you can always ask me, or just go for it, and if its an issue I'll kindly let you know so.

Why was the Tadog Shopping District created?

The Tadog Shopping District came to life around October 2021. Originally, the land it sits on was one giant mountain that had long ago been cleared away, and the path that runs through the middle was moistly a tunnel. While this terrain did look nice, it was impossible to build on, except for the few flat areas that were available. With much of the downtown terrain like this, there was very limited space to build shops at. An issue that started to arise was the problem of land management, an example of this is the entire plains portal area. Some people took the available land and either built way too big of a shop, or claimed way to big of an area. Along with poor placement of these shops, this meant that there was little land available to build on. Because the downtown is a very popular area, land availability is key. Tadog21 saw this need, and decided to completely flatten the mountain behind Tadog Mercantile, and divided it into plots around the existing shops and waterways.

Not the entire mountain was cleared though. The mountain that sits behind Tadog Mercantile was left behind and replanted to show what the original landscape and greenery looked like, as almost all of the original "Spawn Jungle" and its terrain is mostly gone


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