Tadog Daily Piper - No. 7

by Tadog Daily Piper

Monday, November 15, 2021 at 13:00:00 PST

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The Log Bridge at the Downtown: History or a Nuisance?

If you go to the downtown “Aquaspawn”, you will find a bridge leading in each of the 4 polar coordinates to land, where you can see and explore all the downtown has to offer. If you go down the east bridge, however, you will find the bridge has been split with only a 1 block wide jungle log bridge spanning the break with no railing whatsoever. Why is this log bridge even here? Looking back through the history of the early server, the bridge was built to temporarily span a gap created by an illegal water structure that had been removed. The bridge had been planned to be replaced, but some people today see this bridge as sentimental, and has been there ever since. While these records prove to be true, can this same narrative still be applied today with the same affect?

The Aquaspawn and its respective bridges are one of the only few builds on the server that is owned, built, and maintained by server admins. With this being said, it is very obvious that this bridge is in clear violation of current standards and codes of construction for public builds, and not to mention a nuisance for anyone trying to cross. A quick inspection will show that the bridge was built long after the original bridge, and after the current bridge. So it is clear that this log bridge was never meant to be permanent, given that it was built after the current codes and standards were created, so why does it still remain? The answer lies within the bridge’s main supporter and advocate, Bryceayo. Bryceayo claims that this built is a relic, and is a link into the past of the server. While this fact would have passed nearly 500 days ago, it is being challenged every day.

Many opposers argue that not only has the bridge claimed the lives of horses trying to cross, but most of the people who would have had sentimental value of the bridge are no longer around, and there are now way more people who are not from before the 500 days. As the server becomes more and more popular, the demand for land in the downtown has been exponentially growing. Up until recently, land in the downtown and around Spawn Lake has been aplenty, but available land is slowly disappearing. With the increase in demand, developers have been looking to the east and the south. As of now, developers have been detoured away from the east by the log bridge by its lack of safety and unpleasantness of crossing, but hopefully that could soon change. Suggestions for what to do with the log bridge have been considered. Everything from keep it there, to moving the artifact to a designated location, to tearing it all together. All we know is that with the growing land development of the east downtown, something has to change.

What do you think? With decision time looming near, the server government want to hear you think should happen. If you travel down to the log bridge, you will see a chest containing an official petition and voting sheet.

FYI: After publication of this article, the people had voted (Completely Remove the Bridge, Modify the Bridge for Better Crossing, or Do Nothing) 1-10-0. Later the next couple days, the server admins agreed on a solution for the bridge, buy putting down stained glass underneath the bridge. This solution has seemed to solve the balance of history vs. nuisance, but is it enough?


March 26, 2022

memeMan wrote...

bridge of gamering

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