1.18.2 Update

by CaptainKirk55

Friday, March 4, 2022 at 18:31:40 PST

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1.18.2 is now on the server! With this you'll need to update your mods to the proper versions.

Fabric Installer (You do not need to redownload this if you already have it on your computer. Just run it again and install Fabric 1.18.2)

Fabric API 0.47.9+1.18.2

Simple Voice Chat 1.18.2-2.2.26

If you need help installing you can watch this video or message the discord in #minecraft and someone will help you. Mods in #other-nice-mods (Optifine specifically) are outdated and will not work with 1.18.2.

If you find any issues with the update or anything at all shoot a message there so one of the admins or I can figure it out ASAP!!!

Thanks all for playing 😀 I really appreciate all of you. I look forward to working on the server and am always overjoyed to see people playing on it. 💜💜💜 I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks-ish, and then after that I have finals. I'll still be mildly responsive but delays might be longer than normal. You're all also living busy lives so I'm not too worried about it.

Finally, I have made a few changes. They aren't huge things so read on if you care.

Functional changes that affect you slightly:

  • Teleporters will now disable after 4 weeks, instead of 2 weeks.
  • This is a positive change imo. It will be significantly more convenient for our less active players, and will also go hand in hand with the next change.

    *Disabling means you cannot teleport to it, and will have to walk to it to re-enable it for another 4 weeks. This feature exists to encourage you to make alternate routes of travel to your area. Teleporters automatically reset their disable time after you teleport to them, so this is only an issue if you haven't used a teleporter in a while.

  • Public teleporters will drop off the public listing after 1 week of inactivity.
  • This means exactly what it says. Your teleporter will still be visible to you and anyone with it favorited as long as it is still placed on the map. This is to combat some of the bloat occurring in the public listing, as a lot of them are useless. Reducing the time a teleporter exists on the public listing will keep the listing fresh and relevant, and perhaps convince players with lots of teleporters in a tight area to collude and create a teleport hub. Of course, the teleporter will reappear as soon as it is refreshed and will exist on the list for a week after the fact, so all it takes is one person to go around and keep every teleporter alive. I leave the freedom to do that up to you.

    *This will not function properly for the first week of its implementation. Since I'm extending the disable time, the drop off time is different than what it should be. I could technically implement it properly but then a bunch of teleporters that shouldn't be dropped of the public list will drop off prematurely, so I'll activate this feature in a week or so.

  • Spawn graveyard will now only hold one grave per person
  • We were having an issue with the spawn graveyard overflowing on occasion and the keep inventory system I developed was not functioning properly. I fixed the keep inventory system when it was relevant, but we want to use that as little as possible. So now if you have a grave at spawn and you die your stuff will be added to your existing grave. This will also reset the expire timer back to 24 hours. This means 16 people will have to die and not get their stuff for the graveyard to overflow. So it's still possible but unlikely at our current numbers.

    Glitch Fixes:

  • Bedrock players can be added to teleporter trust lists again
  • Something changed on the backend and broke Bedrock functionality with teleporter trust lists. I'm not entirely sure when this began or what caused it, but I have fixed it. To trust a Bedrock player on your teleporter add their name with the hyphen prefix (i.e. -CaptainKirk555). They have to have connected to the server before with the name you are trying to add for this to be functional.

    Bedrock players will also appear in your trust list as a piece of bedrock now, since listing them as a skin is largely pointless.


    This is just my current to-do list.

  • Create a new click 'engine'
  • I'm calling it that because it sounds badass. A while ago what I'm calling a bug was introduced into the language I use to write all the server features. It made it so partial block coordinate data was saving and comparing incorrectly/differently than it should be IMO. This broke lots of things, like the buttons at spawn. It also broke the graves, since graves used to overwrite blocks and put them back when you collected your stuff, if the grave overwrote a block that was not full-- a slab-- it was inaccessible, because the coordinates had been saved in "slab mode" and as a result it was basically impossible to compare the coordinates properly.

    This new 'click engine' would let buttons be at spawn and partial blocks be used for graves and whatever else I need them for. Actually, the graves are written to randomly pick between like 8 blocks so they can be mossy cobblestone stairs and whatever, but this glitch has made those impossible to be used without a separate 'click engine'.

    I filed a bug report with them 5 months ago now, and Octapoo went to war for me basically and they seemed to be at least kind of perceptive to the issue, but a change has yet to be made.

  • Rewrite GUIs
  • The GUIs are written so they can collect clicks and double clicks and differentiate them, which makes for interesting possibilities with regards to GUI based games (for java players at least). Because of this though, a double click actually sends 3 clicks to the server (it sends 1 for single click and then 2 for double click, but the double click doesn't cancel out the single click), which creates a minor annoyance when trying to set teleporter availability and things like that. It's not a huge deal so it's not super high on my priority list, but if I restructure all the GUIs (or at least restructure the click events that update instead of opening another menu) I can get rid of this issue.

  • Teleporter Tags
  • This is kind of inspired by the public listing bloat, but it might also just be a nice thing to have in general. I'd like to add a tagging system to public teleporters only, so then you can tag your teleporter as shop, house, parkour, etc. and then have the option to sort the public listing by those various tags. At this current moment with the idea conceptualized in my head, a teleporter will only be able to have one tag. I'm still fiddle farting around with how I want to go about this because I have to do it in a way that is not confusing, and depending on how much bloat continues to exist on the server listing I'm not sure if I'll actually ever go through with this. A minor side thought, but each tagged teleporter can have a different type of icon on the map, so we could visually see where the shops are condensed and stuff. It is relatively minor but I think could be a cool feature overall.

  • Particles
  • Particles are still broken. They were working-ish in 1.18.1, enough to reimplement the Hearthstone particles, but the 1.18.2 update broke them again. I'm in contact with the developer and they are completely out of my control. It sucks but there isn't much that can be done at the moment.


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