Tadog Daily Piper - No. 5

by Tadog Daily Piper

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 13:00:00 PDT

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Tadog21’s Secret life: Possible condemnation?

In a special report brought to us by our very own Ben Dover, Tadog21 has decided to let the public in on the biggest secret of his life, and is hoping to get help.

In a surprise visit by the Octa Commissioner of Safety to inspect the cobblestone farm, the living conditions of the mansion of Tadog21 were revealed. These pictures taken by the Ur Mom Village public safety commissioner show the true extent of Tadog21’s hoarding problem. While the mansion proves to not be a biohazard, an extreme fire hazard has been reported due to the wood structure of the mansion, and the hoard does not help that risk factor.

Tadog21 has made the difficult decision to make his secret public to the world, by giving permission to allow the Tadog Daily Piper and possibly Hoarders: Buried Alive to report on his home.

“The mansion never used to be like this” says Tadog21, “I believe it all went downhill when my attempt to rent out my rooms failed.” In an interview with Tadog21, he tells us his story. When he had the mansion built nearly a year ago, he planned to make his living by renting out the rooms of the mansion. But due to complications with claims and legal issues, Tadog21 was forced to give up his dream, instead making a living off of the Tadog Mercantile.

“Once my renting idea failed, I turned to collecting. With the influx of items from my store and free stuff people were throwing away, I just wanted it all.” Tadog21 began to collect anything he could see. Garbage in the throwaway chests at spawn, free items people wanted to give away, as well as useless items from his shop. He hoarded these items into the rooms he once wanted to rent out. “I want my life back, I want to try and rent out my rooms, I want help.”

Before this report was sent to print, Tadog21 called the Piper reporting that he no longer wished to get help, he will attempt to try and lobby the OctaCongress in an attempt to relax regulations in regards to his mansion and renting out rooms.


March 1, 2022

CaptainKirk55 wrote...

Wow. I will be reporting Tadog to the city so they will arrest him. People like this don't deserve houses.

March 3, 2022

TheCat87 wrote...


March 26, 2022

memeMan wrote...

kirk wirk

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